We are mainly specialized in steel building design, manufacturing, project construction guidance, steel structure materials and have the most advanced product line for H section beam, box column, truss frame, steel grid, light steel keel structure.Tailai also has the high precision 3D CNC drilling machine, Z and C type purlin machine, multi type of  color steel sheet panel machine, floor deck machine, and fully equipped inspection line. 


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About Us

Weifang Tailai Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. We are one of the strongest steel structure manufacturers in Weifang City, Shandong Province, China. We are specialized in steel structure building design, manufacturing, installation, and the manufacture and processing of all kinds of steel structure material.


Light Steel Structure House Of New Rural Constructure Building

Light Steel Structure House Of New Rural Constructure Building

Light steel structure building is a production and manufaturing system Technology of the world advanced light steel structure building components by Weifang Tailai introduced.

Do you know the key to the selection of steel structure engineering materials?

Steel structure engineering has the characteristics of high strength, light material, and good overall rigidity. This is mainly due to its materials. So what principles should we follow when selecting its materials? Weifang Tailai Steel Structure has introduced relevant content for you. Let’...

What processes are needed in the process of steel structure processing?

As an important building structure material, steel structure is widely used in industrial, commercial, civil buildings and other fields. The steel structure processing plant is an important link in the manufacture and processing of steel structures. Then, in the process of steel structure process...